"I have heard, and enjoyed, enough Dangerflow music now to officially give them my stamp of approval - guys, you're now a favorite."

DJ Z, Djbooth.net


It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, it’s how high you rise when you get back up. Dangerflow’s latest album, “Fall Before You Fly” sends the listener over peaks and through valleys of sound and lyric. Proof positive of how much the band has refined its sound since it released its first album, “Win Lose Or Die”

Released in early 2015, the album reveals some of the bands best work to date. “Fall Before You Fly” showcases the diverse musical influences in the band and once again collaborates with production from Miami Beat Wave (Dead Prez, Mayday, Ghostwridah.) While staying true to its Miami roots, Dangerflow brings its hip-hop beat to the crowd with a cocktail of live drums, funky guitars, and jungle rhythms. 

Led by both conscious wordsmith Angel Ocean and soulful vocalist Eric Stinnett, the danceable sound doesn't come without substance. The group makes sure to include an uplifting and inspiring message in nearly every song. Dangerflow has been perfecting its signature sound since 2007 and released their debut album, "Win, Lose Or Die" in November 2011. The album’s breakout single, “The Crown” was featured as the theme of the Miami Heat championship season in 2012 and has since been licensed by MTV, ESPN, Monster Energy, X Games & The Tennis Channel.  

Most recently, Dangerflow teamed up with American Music Abroad to represent the United States as musical ambassadors for a series of international tours around the world. During the groundbreaking tours the band spoke with high school & college-aged students across 7 different countries about the life-changing power of music, performed in front of live crowds totaling an upwards of 20,000 and reached over 22 million people via TV, radio and all media sources. 
As a full six-piece unit, frontmen Angel Ocean & Eric Stinnett are joined by guitarist/DJ Kevin Callo, bassist Nate Stanford, percussionist Mo Estrada and drummer Teddy Brooks. The energy this line up exudes during each live performance brings the message of “Fall Before You Fly” to life, while the feedback of each crowd creates new memories and new inspiration. This beautiful exchange can inspire real change.

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